Environmental Benefits

Our family has a long-standing affection for and curiosity about Bison, dating back to Bob’s days as a third-generation Colorado dairy farmer. If you’re here, then chances are you’re as interested in them as we are!

Environmental Benefits

The Bison is so perfectly adapted to its natural environment that it only needs access to ample food and water and room to roam in order to thrive, making it a sensible and sustainable source of animal protein.

A working Bison ranch is a picture of natural harmony and sustainability. The animals roam freely, eating the native grasses while aerating and fertilizing the land as they go. Every day on Eagle’s Wing Ranch captures the 'Classic Colorado' experience -- Bison roaming the fields, circling eagles hunting their prey, trout surfacing in the ponds, all under an impossibly blue sky surrounded by snowy mountain peaks.

Our mission is to provide our Bison the freedom to be part of this ecosystem in the way nature intended. By managing our herd in this way, we are part of rebuilding the Bison population in the US, and we can promise you that a happy Bison is a tasty Bison!

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