Not finding what you're looking for? We harvest our bison in the fall and it is first come first served. Because of great demand for our 100% grass-fed and finished bison, the items you are looking for may not be available. Do not despair! We will be back with all of our great meat collections in October. Sign up for our newsletter, as we will send an email to our customers when we are back in stock this fall.

Processing & Packaging

Our desire to treat our Bison with care and respect extends all the way to the time of harvest.  All Bison are slaughtered, processed & packaged by a family-owned, USDA-inspected Bison processing facility in Pierce, CO.  We work exclusively with them because of the quality of their work, as well as their geographic location and their handling of our animals.  They are the closest USDA-inspected Bison facility to Eagles Wing Ranch, which helps minimize the time of transport for the Bison.  They have also designed their operation to ensure humane treatment and minimize stress prior to slaughter.

All meat is flash frozen, vacuum packaged and stored at a constant temperature to ensure our tasty Bison reaches you with the very best flavor and texture.

We work hard to treat our Bison with the dignity and respect befitting this amazing animal, and to ensure you receive the highest quality product.  Please contact us with any questions, anytime.