The Ranch

Our unique location, at 8,200 feet near Routt National Forest, combined with legendary native North Park grass hay and the individual attention the Bison receive, means that each bite from every cut is the ultimate expression of this icon of the American West - naturally grass fed & finished, with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Eagle’s Wing Natural Bison started as a dream over two decades ago. Bob Beauprez, then a third-generation Colorado dairy farmer, thought that one day he’d like to raise Bison. In 2007, that dream took shape when he and his wife Claudia purchased the historic Chedsey Ranch near Walden, Colorado, originally homesteaded in 1882.

Operated by Bob and his son Jim, Eagle’s Wing Ranch is a family operation in the truest sense. We provide our animals the freedom to live a dignified and happy existence just as they have for thousands of years in this spectacular area, with the support necessary to care for them in the unique North Park environment.    

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Our herd is a point of pride for our family. We hope you find Eagle’s Wing Natural Bison to be the most delicious, tender and juicy Bison meat you’ve ever tasted. Please let us know what you think, and if you’re ever in North Park, stop by to say hi!

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