Tips & Recipes

Eagle's Wing Natural Bison is remarkably tender, juicy and flavorful - don't be intimidated, as there's no great trick to cooking it 'properly.'  Grass Fed Bison is naturally leaner than beef, so for steaks and burgers, try a slightly lower temperature and/or perhaps a bit less time than you would with beef. The important thing is to not drive the moisture out of the meat.  If using a marinade, use one with little to no salt, and instead salt the meat just prior to cooking or finish with salt prior to serving.  Also, use a tongs or spatula to turn your meat - never pierce with a fork.  We recommend medium rare, and be sure to let your meat rest on a warm plate to help keep the juices inside.  Remember that USDA guidelines for internal temperatures are the same for Bison as for beef.  

One of our favorite ways to cook Bison is 'low and slow' - braises, roasts and stews end up as fall-apart delicious dishes, with enough food for a big group or multiple meals.  Nothing is quite so satisfying as a hearty stew made from a Bison Chuck roast!  

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