Here is what our customers are saying about Eagle's Wing Grass-Fed Bison!

"Our Bone-In Rib Steak was incredible.  My boy said he wants that every night for dinner from now on. LOL. I love how buttery the fat is. Has that beautiful Grass Fed color.  I cooked it perfectly for my liking. Salted it a couple of hours before cooking and pat dried it. Cast Iron heated pan from the oven straight to hi-flame, 5 minutes on one side 4 on the other side.  Very happy I went with 1 1/4" cut.  So tender melt in the mouth.  Better then every Ribeye I had in those expensive steak houses back in my corporate days.  Great work!" Rich S. Florissant, CO

"Last night we had the most DELICIOUS, TENDER bison roast from Eagle's Wing!! Looking forward to the other cuts we purchased!!" Chris B., Frederick, CO

"The chuck roast is consistently one of my favorite cuts; I love braising it either in a Dutch oven or in an instant pot - it's perfect either way.  Great flavor and fork-tender!" Joe B., Portage, MI

"Grilled some of the Buffalo for a family event. WOW! What flavor and tenderness." Jeff B., Colorado Springs, CO 

"The Buffalo meat is fantastic. I've been eating it for years but decided to try you folks out and the meat is much fresher and tastier than the other vendors  I've used. Just wanted ya'll to know how pleased I am with everything. I'll be a return customer!" Carl F., Honey Brook, PA

"Thanks again for everything.  I really appreciated your husband helping me out and, more importantly, mentioning that you were running out of cuts (a good problem to have :) ). We cooked two of the steaks up tonight and they were amazing, so we'll certainly be making a new list while there are still cuts in your freezer!  Customer service and great quality mean more to me than anything.  I really appreciate both from you and look forward to future orders." Craig T. , Broomfield, CO

"Just finished dinner and had to tell you our bison ribeyes were perfect! I didn’t grill tonight but used my cast iron skillet: 3 min. on high, turned over cooked 2 more min. on high, then finished in a 450 degree oven for 2 more min. Let them sit while I got the plates ready with sautéed green beans with shallots and buttered noodles. Ron is still complimenting me on dinner! Thank you for the prep tips!" Chenza L., San Antonio, TX

"My son and his his wife called last evening. They were excited about the bison they received yesterday. He was like WOW! as he read off the weights and types of each roast. The foam box was well packed and they were impressed that my message was in the form of a hand written note. Thank you so much for your detailed attention to their gift." Robert B., Louisville, CO

"The first chuck roast that I made turned out unbelievably good.  Your bison makes me look like I can cook.  I made it up in the crockpot." Jean M., Walden, CO

"I can honestly say that I haven't had a better steak in my life than the bone-in ribeyes and I've had a lot of great steaks both at home and at great restaurants.  You guys are doing it right!" Jonathan M., Broomfield, CO

"I have been a fan of ground bison for almost 10 years, but I have never had a product as good and versatile as yours! It is so flavorful - almost sweet - and still so lean as bison is famous for! It's great as burgers, of course, but I love it in pasta sauces, stuffed poblano peppers, tacos, etc. Thanks and keep it coming!" John E., Denver CO