Why Grassfed?

Why are our Bison 100% grass-fed and finished?  We're glad you asked!  The short answer is, It's the right thing to do for the Bison, for the environment, and for the taste and health quality of the meat.  Want to know more?  Read on...(or click here to shop our online store)

Bison are ruminants, with a digestive system extremely effective at digesting grass - not grains, by-products or other stuff foreign to their natural diet.  Most people assume that Bison are by definition exclusively grass-fed, which is not necessarily the case; many Bison operations include grain-based formulations in the animals' feed mixture during a period of time prior to harvest.  However, we think Mother Nature did a pretty great job making the Bison naturally succulent, lean and healthy without all that stuff - a 100% grass fed-and-finished Bison tastes like a Bison should!  

The majority of the year, our bison exclusively eat the grass hay growing naturally on Eagle's Wing Ranch. Not to mention, the rich soil and high-protein North Park grass hay gives our Bison their one-of-a-kind flavor that no other Bison has.  We also provide them access to alfalfa hay over the winter which we have found helps them sustain their weight and muscle mass.

A Bison raised and finished exclusively on hay also has many times the levels of Omega 3, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and vitamins such as E and beta-carotene vs. a Bison that has been fed grain.  Omega 3 and CLA are linked to the prevention of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer - so when you make a point to choose 100% grass-fed and finished Bison, you're getting exactly the healthy meat you've been looking for.

If it doesn't say '100% grass-fed and finished,' chances are it's not.  When you eat Eagles Wing Natural Bison, you're making a healthy choice for you and for others too.  When you taste how delicious it is, you'll understand why grass-fed makes a difference!  Shop now for tasty grass-fed and finished Bison