One Whole Bison Reservation for Fall Harvest

Reserve your 100% grass fed and finished WHOLE BISON, approximately 394 pounds, from Eagles Wing Ranch for Fall (October 2021) Harvest. Meat is cut YOUR WAY, to your specifications.

This is what the typical whole bison yields:

Ground 202 lbs, Roasts (chuck, rump, pot) 56 lbs, Round steaks 20 lbs, Tenderloin (filet mignon) 10 lbs, Ribeye steaks 16 lbs, NY Strip steaks 16 lbs, Sirloin steaks 16 lbs, Brisket 8 lbs, Tri-Tip roast 8 lbs, Soup bones 6 lbs, Short ribs 8 lbs, Flank or other steaks 8 lbs, Stew meat 16 lbs. 

Liver, Heart, Oxtail, Kidney, Tongue and Marrow bones are also available if you choose to keep them.

Your $1500 represents a deposit to hold your animal.This represents roughly half of the total cost. Final amount will be due when processing is complete, usually about 10 days after slaughter. Balance due is calculated based on the actual carcass weight charged at $6.75 per pound and a $40 transport fee. You will pay the processor separately. Average cost for processing is approximately $1.15 per pound carcass weight, based on how you have your meat cut. Your average cost for finished product overall averages $10 - $11 per pound based on how your meat is cut. 

Shipping is available at an additional charge if you are not available to pick your meat up from our processor, Double J Meat Packing, Pierce, Colorado. They are USDA certified meat processors who specialize in Buffalo.


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